EPDM: Uniquely Valuable in a Resilient Roofing System

The attributes of EPDM membrane make it a uniquely valuable component of a resilient of a roofing system.

EPDM is a thermoset material with an inherit ability to recover and return to its original shape and performance after a severe weather event.

  • EPDM has been used in numerous projects in various geographic areas from the hottest climate in the Middle East to the freezing temperatures in Antarctica and Siberia.
  • After decades of exposures to extreme environmental conditions, EPDM membrane continues to exhibit a great ability to retain the physical properties and performances of ASTM specification standards.
  • EPDM is the only commercially available membrane that performs in an unreinforced state making it very forgiving to large amounts of movement without damage and potentially more cycles before fatiguing
  • EPDM has better Impact resistance to hail than any membrane, particularly when aged.

EPDM is resistant to extreme UV exposure and heat.

  • EPDM passed 41,580 KJ/m2 in the Xenon Arc testing chamber (which is 4 times the ASTM standard) with no sign of cracking or surface degradation @ 0.7 W/m2 irradiance @ 80˚C.
  • EPDM far exceeded the test protocol ASTM D573 which requires materials to pass 4 weeks @ 240 degrees Fahrenheit. EPDM black or white membranes passed 68 weeks at these high temperatures.
  • Exposed EPDM roof systems have been in service now for 50 plus years with little or no surface degradation.

EPDM is versatile.

  • EPDM can be configured in many roofing assemblies, including below grade and between-slab applications.
  • EPDM is compatible with a broad range of construction materials materials/interfaces/conditions, making it a good choice for areas that may encounter unique challenges
  • EPDM can be exposed to moisture and intense sunlight or totally immersed in salty water.

EPDM can easily be installed, repaired and restored following simple procedures without the use of sophisticated, complicated equipment.

  • EPDM can be repaired during power outages.
  • EPDM can be repaired with relatively unskilled labor.