Building Enclosure: Resiliency in Construction

Source: Building Enclosure Author: Louisa Hart Link: Introduction There’s been intensifying discussion recently about the resiliency of the buildings where we work and live, how we can improve their odds at surviving natural disasters and ensure that they can rebound quickly to be fully functioning. André Desjarlais leads the Building Envelope Group at the… Read More

Buildings: Roofing’s Nine Roles in Resilience

In the buildings industry, the meaning of “green” has evolved significantly. In the 1980s the term focused tightly on environmental impacts. Since then it has broadened to include concepts of sustainability and then of resilience. The Resilient Design Institute identifies resilience as “the capacity to adapt to changing conditions and to maintain or regain functionality… Read More

Professional Roofing: Toward Resiliency

July 30 in Ellicott City, Md., began as a typical hot summer day. Founded in 1772 as a mill town along the bottom of a deep valley through which the Patapsco River flows, the city had seen plenty of serious floods. But July 30 proved to be anything but typical. That day, what the National… Read More

Buildings: Climate Resilience in 5 Steps

How well would your building stand up against a heat wave or a storm? Before you answer with your building’s specs, remember that they’re based on historic conditions – and your building will be subject to storms that are more intense and frequent than your design and equipment probably take into account. “Our buildings were… Read More